ODG R8, R9 are Snapdragon 835-based mixed reality glasses

Chip maker Qualcomm and mobile headworn computing manufacturer ODG (Osterhout Design Group) at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, introduced R-8 and R-9 wearables, the first devices to be powered by Snapdragon 835 chip.

The R8 is a consumer mobile AR/VR smart-glasses, targeted at the consumer early adopters. It has greater than 40 degree field of view and HD resolution. It can display a private screen that floats in your view with the added dimensions of AR,VR and Mixed Reality overlay for richer experience.

The R9 is a more expensive model for a wide variety of wide field-of-view (FOV) experiences from enterprise, to prosumer media consumption, and as a development platform for sophisticated mobile AR/VR and smartglasses applications. It has a 50 degree field of view, Full HD resolution and a 13MP camera on the front that can record 4K videos. There's also an extension port that lets companies to attach specialized sensor modules.

Both wearables runs ODG's Android Nougat based RectileOS and include six-degree-of-freedom tracking to detect movements.

The R8 is priced at $1,000 and is planned to ship in Q3 2017, while the R9 is priced $1800, and the development kits will launch in Q2, 2017. 

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ODG R8, R9 are Snapdragon 835-based mixed reality glasses ODG R8, R9 are Snapdragon 835-based mixed reality glasses Reviewed by Kaiser on 1/04/2017 02:45:00 PM
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