GoCopy review: Discover How You Can Easily Create Content In Seconds!

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Recently, I came across this free writing assistant tool called GoCopy, and trust me it's one of the best tools I have come across. 

Gocopy.io is an AI Copywriting Tool that can multiply your productivity to the maximum possible with its unique writing features including high-converting ads, product descriptions, emails, and more – in just seconds! Be it short-form or long-form content, this tool excels in both areas. It can help you rewrite paragraphs, generate blog outlines and prepare engaging blog posts, enhance your content and help you get rid of stubborn writer's block. 

A number of AI-powered copywriting tools are available in the market these days and I keep on trying these tools regularly to get the best. GoCopy.io is definitely on my list after receiving its high quality and amazing services. 

It has everything under one roof be it, the personalized introductions and messages for cold emails, LinkedIn Outreach, blog posts, or social media content. I'm amazed to see how GoCopy augments the wiring workflow with the help of artificial intelligence.

"But why are you praising so much about this platform when we have a number of such tools available these days?"

Well, you are asking the right question and you must know what's the reason that GoCopy should be used by consumers searching for some writing solutions.

Let's first get into knowing the target audience of this tool. 

Target Audience:

GoCopy is most suitable for entrepreneurs running marketing agencies, freelancers, in-house marketing teams, and e-commerce owners that need to generate lots and lots of content at lightning speed. 

The following features make this tool even more effective:

Detailed descriptions: 

GoCopy crafts detailed descriptions of products and personalized intros so that your emails don't end up in the bin. 

Social Media Management: 

It also acts as your social media manager by generating unique and attractive ideas for social media posts.  


Various other features include: Digital Ads copy, writing tools, blogging and e-commerce related content. 


Apart from the services it provides, this tool is super affordable. It has an efficient pricing system that helps businesses and entrepreneurs choose the best plan for themselves and even use it for FREE. 

To know more about GoCopy, let's get into its user interface and utility. 

User Interface:

As soon as you sign up for an account on GoCopy,  the main dashboard appears. Go to  the "Create" option and create a new folder for the  specific content you would be creating. After that, create a new document and add it in the folder. Open the document to get started with your writing journey!

List of Features:

GoCopy offers six features in total. I have listed all the features below:

1. General to Specific Content Tools (like Summary paragraphs, Blog Posts, Social Media, Website and E commerce display content, Emails and Ad copies.)
2. Name Generator
3. Tone Changer
4. Personalization
5. Shakespeare AI for long-form content
6. Content Rewriter and Paraphraser

It's worth noting here that all the content that you generate using GoCopy is automatically backed up in your account and you can retrieve it anytime later. You can also export the generated content in your preferred format like .doc, .pdf, etc.


This tool is super convenient to use. 

Let's get into the step-by-step process of GoCopy for generating various types of content. After you open the document, you'll see multiple options like:

Select Case
Shakespeare Content
Liked Samples
Export Files

Go to the "Select Case" option and just click on the tool that you need and get set GO!

GoCopy.io dashboard

For example: Let's choose Listicle and just write a name of a topic for which you want content ideas. Fill it in the topic section and click on the generate button. There you go! You have a number of content ideas in just seconds without going through any mental fatigue for brainstorming ideas.

But what about the long-form content? Let's choose a "Bullet Point Expander" case.

Write a short sentence relating to any topic, for example, 'SEO is crucial for growing online business.' and you'll get samples for the related sentence.

Output Quality

Plagiarism Check:

Although the content is not exactly plagiarized it shows plagiarism due to the basic sentences the tool generates to expand a point. This shows that this tool is not much capable of generating 100% unique content. It just gives a brief summary that has to be edited by the user in order to make it look original.

Grammar and Spelling Accuracy: 

The spelling accuracy is rated as 10/10. There are absolutely no spelling errors in the content generated, although some sentence formation errors may be there in the content. Have a look at the image below showing some grammar stats for the content generated.

The overall score is 96 and the content shows some grammatical errors like article usage and sentence formation. No doubt that the content has clarity and engagement but it lacks a bit in correctness.


GoCopy.io pricing

GoCopy has some amazing plans for all its diverse customers according to their needs and preferences. These can be subscribed on a monthly or annual basis. 

First, it allows its users to access its features with specific runs for free for a period of 7 days. It's a free trial without any credit card requirements. 

Second, it has a Starter Plan at just $19/month which gives unlimited writing tool's access to its users. It includes 10p runs for the long-form content type and 40 runs for Shakespeare (premium quality) content. 

Third, it has a Pro Plan for its users which provides unlimited access to all of its features at just $49/month. This plan offers 16% discount if subscribed annuals and costs just $16/month. 

A deal worth subscribing for!


GoCopy provides priority support to all its Pro Plan users which helps them to have a hassle free experience. 

Alternatives to GoCopy:

No doubt, GoCopy is a great tool for your writing problems but because of its inaccuracy sometimes, this tool may not be much preferred by the consumers. Therefore, I would also suggest some other  alternatives to GoCopy which are capable of overcoming the grammar shortcomings GoCopy has. 

These platforms include:

  1. Writecream
  2. Copysmith
  3. Copy.ai

All these tools have been personally tested by me and showed equally good results like GoCopy. If you feel that GoCopy may not serve your needs then you can definitely check these out! All of these tools are reasonably priced and offer an array of services to their clients.


Summing up, I enjoyed using GoCopy. It is really easy to use, quick, and robust.

The spelling accuracy of GoCopy and its content form is of top-notch quality. Its variety of features helps users get all their needs satisfied under one roof. The plagiarism detected in the content, although not exactly plagiarism but I would term it as "lack of uniqueness", and little bit of sentence structure issues are something that may get resolved over time as this is what I feel after my overall analysis of the platform.

Apart from these minor issues, I think that it's amazing how it leverages AI and helps its clients get premium content in just seconds. We can't ignore the various forms of content features and tools it has and the seamless experience it provides to its users.

I must say GoCopy has definitely passed the test! 

Samantha Paul
Samantha is a SaaS fan who is always on the lookout for great software and lifetime deals. Always up to date with what's going on in the tech world, Samantha prefers Windows to Mac and Android over iOS. You will see her articles here and we hope that you find them useful and informational.
GoCopy review: Discover How You Can Easily Create Content In Seconds! GoCopy review: Discover How You Can Easily Create Content In Seconds! Reviewed by Samantha Paul on 8/25/2021 12:53:00 PM
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