How to enable the hidden Labs menu in Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is hands down the most customizable (and for many the best) Android launcher. While almost all important features are easily accessible from the start, there are a few more complex options which are hidden from you by default. Here is how to enable them.

The process is dead simple and works both on the free and prime version. Simply head to the Nova Launcher settings and hold down the volume down key of your device until you see a toast message saying Labs menu enabled. You will now see the new position in the settings page.

While the features in the Labs menu can be useful, keep in mind that they are totally experimental and are not supported so in case you ever need to disable the hidden features, repeat the enabling procedure but this time use the volume up key. The Labs menu contains a few small yet quite smart options, the best of which is in my opinion the Allow weather in search bar toggle which does just what you might expect and makes the search bar even more similar to one from the Google Pixel devices. Other features include the option to disable Google Now On Tap from the home screen, an unlock option for even bigger grid sizes and a few other tools which can come in as quite useful to some users.

What do you think of these hidden features? Did any of them prove to be useful to you? Let us know in the comments section.

Image source: DroidLife

Patryk Michalik
Patryk is a self confessed tech enthusiast. Currently a student, Patryk has a great interest in UI design, Android modding, and custom ROMs.
How to enable the hidden Labs menu in Nova Launcher How to enable the hidden Labs menu in Nova Launcher Reviewed by Patryk Michalik on 2/12/2017 10:12:00 PM
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