Airtel extends free 30GB data offer for post-paid users

Last month Airtel introduced Airtel Surprise offer for post-paid users, offering 10GB data per month for three month (total 30GB) via MyAirtel app. The offer was valid till March 31, 2017.

However, now the teleco has extended the offer by another 30 days to claim the 'Surprise' on My Airtel app. The extended offer called "Double Your Holiday Surprises" will be valid till April 30. If you've not claimed the Surprise offer yet, you can do so by April 30.

Additionally, Airtel is also promising "best international roaming rates" that delivers great value to its users. Now, if a user forgets to activate roaming back before they travel out of the country, Airtel will automatically activate the required pack after exhaustion of the current plan at no added cost.

For instance, Airtel's Singapore pack costs Rs. 499, which includes unlimited incoming calls, free data, SMS and calls to India. Now, if you don't activate the pack before you leave for Singapore, then Airtel will automatically activate the Rs. 499 pack, after the daily usage exceeds Rs. 499. If your usage charge are less than Rs. 499, you'll be only charged based on the rates that applicable. This will ensure, you always get the best value.


Kaiser Bey
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Airtel extends free 30GB data offer for post-paid users Airtel extends free 30GB data offer for post-paid users Reviewed by Kaiser on 4/17/2017 03:14:00 PM
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