Blogger Now Forces You To Listen To A Podcast

What is the best way to force users to listen to your company's podcast? Why not play the audio in the Blogger theme editor so you just have to listen to the trasmition each time you want to tweak the HTML code of your website? This sounds crazy, but it's true.

Having a lot of free time today, I decided to play around with our website's HTML code a bit. I opened the Blogger console and headed to the normal theme editor panel where admins can modify the HTML code of the webiste template. I was having quite a good time listening to Ed Sheeran's latest hits when I realized someone talking about Progressive Web Apps was making it impossible to enjoy the songs I was listening to. Desparate to hear the chorus, I quickly closed all other tabs in Chrome yet I still heard the live transmition running from my speakers.

It's hard to explain how surprised I was when I discovered the sound was coming from the Blogger console. Me, as well as two other members of the AndroGuider team, have tested this and it works flawlessly. Whatever you do, Blogger will force you to listen to a development podcast whilst you are editing your website template (and this transmission will continue whatever part of Blogger you visit later). The only escape is the Mute Tab feature that Chrome offers. Below is a short video clip to demonstrate how annoying this can be (sorry for the poor quality).

Kailash Sudhakar
An engineering undergrad student who loves all things tech. He has a soft spot for Android.
Blogger Now Forces You To Listen To A Podcast Blogger Now Forces You To Listen To A Podcast Reviewed by Unknown on 5/22/2017 01:34:00 AM
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