LG V30 early render show slide-out secondary display

LG's "V" line of flagship is an experimental series over the "G" line sporting a more bold design. The dust has only settled on the LG's first flagship offering of 2017, the G6, and now rumors of the next flasgship, the V30 have started surfacing. Evan Blass has shared a handful of render, that reportedly show "old-ish mockup of Project Joan" which is the V30.

If the V30 shows in the mockup render is the final design, then LG has gone one step ahead in experimenting with the design of the device. 

The secondary display , which was located on the top of main display on LG V10 and V20 has now been moved to the bottom. However, the secondary display now has a slider form factor, and will be hidden behind the main display. But a portion of the secondary screen will be visible that will show weather, date and time.

The main screen slides up to bring forward the full secondary display. Moreover the secondary display has several use-case scenarios including a virtual keyboard, access to favorite apps, music control and more. 

Project Joan looks more like the BlackBerry Priv, which also feature slide-up screen and a physical keyboard, but on V30 the physical keyboard is replaced by a secondary screen.

Blass further says that it's "not clear if the project is still headed in this direction", so the final V30 could be entirely different in design and appearance.

The LG V10 and V20 were unveiled in September, so it is most likely that LG will officially launch LG V30 in the same month.

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LG V30 early render show slide-out secondary display LG V30 early render show slide-out secondary display Reviewed by Kaiser on 5/29/2017 11:45:00 PM
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