New patent from Samsung shows a device that could either be for Bixby or DEX.

You can tell a lot about what a company is working on based on what it patents. Samsung is building up on patents dealing with flexible and foldable displays, telling us that they are racing to build the device that we’ve been seeing in concepts for years. But it’s not always so easy. A new patent from the company shows us a device that look more like a small computer screen than anything. A device such as this seems like it would most likely be for either one of Samsung’s new creations.
Digital assistants with screens seem like they will be a trend in 2017. There’s Amazon and their Echo Show, and Apple is believed to be in working on a Siri powered speaker with a screen. If this device is for Bixby, then it’s clear that Samsung will be going all out with this concept. The screen looks like it’s at least 10 inches diagonal, meaning that it’ll be a fully interactive interface. There are only basic volume and up-down controls on the back. This could mean that most of the interactions will be done either by touch or voice. If this is true, then it’s hard to imagine this being something big at this point, seeing as we haven’t seen much of Bixby’s abilities just yet.

Another brain child from the Samsung camp that launched with the S8 is DEX. This is a doc which plugs into a computer monitor. You dock your phone and your phone screen gets blown up and displayed on the monitor, creating a desktop computer experience... mostly. Granted, you’re seeing a full computer display, but you’re limited to the processor in the S8. This dock is a great idea for those who need simple computations done and don’t have the money to afford a computer. One drawback is the fact that not a lot of people have just have computer displays laying around waiting for a purpose. This device could be Samsung’s answer to this. This device could be a monitor that’s relatively inexpensive and compatible with DEX. Those who are interested in getting DEX could get the dock and the display in a pack. That would solve at least one of the issues with the concept of DEX
Either way you cut it, this is an interesting looking device. What do you think this could be for? Let me know in the comments below.

Arthur Lee
Arthur is a mobile tech lover through and through, being the head writer for two other tech sites in the past. A lover of Android, he's always looking for more information about this wonderful and open platform. Aside from writing about technology, he is also a musician. He's very happy to contribute to the AndroGuider community.
New patent from Samsung shows a device that could either be for Bixby or DEX. New patent from Samsung shows a device that could either be for Bixby or DEX. Reviewed by ArthurLee on 5/13/2017 01:19:00 AM
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