Samsung introduces ISOCELL image sensor brand: Bright, Fast, Slim and Dual

Samsung at the ongoing Mobile World Congress, 2017 in Shanghai introduced its latest line up of ISOCELL imaging sensors. The brand is named after ISOCELL technology, which provides high quality cameras for ultra-slim phone designs. First introduced in 2013, ISOCELL technology separates each pixel with a physical barrier that reduces color crosstalk among pixels, allowing for high color fidelity, enabling excellent image quality even with smaller pixels.

The South Korean tech giant announced four new imaging sensors under the new ISOCELL brand, each targeted at specific market requirements — Bright, Fast, Slim and Dual.

The ISOCELL Bright sensors deliver bright and sharp images with high color fidelity and reduce noise in low light environments, whereas, the ISOCELL Fast sensors offers fast auto-focus onto still or moving objects even when dark. The ISOCELL Slim sensors adopt the smallest pixel sizes available in the market at 0.9-1.0um yet produce high quality images for the slimmest devices.

The ISOCELL Dual sensors is the most intersting of the lot, as it is likely to end up on Samsung's upcoming flagship Galaxy Note8. The company says Dual sensors "nan be mixed and matched in various combinations on consumer devices to bring about features demanded in the latest dual camera trend"

Slides shared by Samsung, reveals that the company is working on dual 13MP imaging sensor, one with a monochrome sensor and the other an RGB sensor. Both imaging sensors will feature f/2.0 aperture and 1.12 microx pixels, which Samsung touts to offer "superior image quality in low-light condition."

Samsung is yet to confirm whether the ISOCELL Dual sensors will be used in Galaxy Note8, but given the timing of the announcement, the case is most likely. Galaxy Note8 is expected to be introduced sometime in the second half of September

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Samsung introduces ISOCELL image sensor brand: Bright, Fast, Slim and Dual Samsung introduces ISOCELL image sensor brand: Bright, Fast, Slim and
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