LG G6 mini to reportedly launch as LG Q6

Soon after LG G6 hit the market, rumors popped out that LG is working on a smaller display variant of the flagship called G6 mini. However, now according to Evan Blass, the G6 mini will be launched as LG Q6, and it passed through FCC carrying the model number M700.

Blass further revealed that LG Q6 will have 3GB RAM and 13MP single camera instead of G6's 4GB RAM and dual-13MP cameras accordingly.

TechnoBuffalo was the first to report about the smaller display variant of G6 (now called Q6), back in April. It also claimed that Q6 will have a smaller 5.4-inch display, as opposed to G6's 5.7-inch, but have the same aspect ratio of 18:9 as well as the 80 percent screen to body ratio. It also added that the LG Q6 will be more affordable than the LG G6, and will be targeted at emerging markets. 

However, it is not known, which processor will be used in the device. The LG G6 shipped with Snapdragon 821 processor, so it is most likely to use the same, but it will not be surprising if LG utilizes Qualcomm's mid-range Snapdragon 660 processor. 

Even last year LG introduced introduced an affordable version of the semi-modular G5 in select markets with Qualcomm's mid-tier Snapdragon 6xx chip. And given the positive response of G6, it is no surprise, LG plans to launch an affordable version for those who can't afford a premium high-end flagship, and to experience the bezel-less design.

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LG G6 mini to reportedly launch as LG Q6 LG G6 mini to reportedly launch as LG Q6 Reviewed by Kaiser on 7/03/2017 08:00:00 PM
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