Gboard gets sticker and Bitmoji support

Google's popular keyboard app called Gboard, earlier this month was being tested for a feature that would let you share Bitmoji and stickers. Now, the features are officially rolling out to Gboard's app on Android platform.

Now you can easily share downloadable sticker or Bitmoji in any app including popular messaging app, that supports image pasting, GIFs.

The Gboard app now has a new sticker tab, that's accessible from either top button bar or the overflow menu. The stickers can also be accessed by going to emoji, and then switching to the new stickers tab at the bottom. After tapping on the stickers tab you will be prompted to install the sticker packs from Play Store, or download the Bitmoji app.

Once installed, the sticker or Bitmoji pack will appear on the bottom of the keyboard as a sticker/Bitmoji icon (near emoji & GIF icon), and tapping the icon will show all stickers you can use and share. Similar to GIFs, you can also search for stickers.

The sticker collection includes Mickey Mouse, NBAmoji, Google Allo Selfie Stickers, Disney Princess, Hello Kitty, Garfeild, Star Ware and More. To get new sticker packs any time, just tap the “+” button when you’re in the sticker tab of Gboard or by visiting the Play Store. 


Kaiser Bey
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Gboard gets sticker and Bitmoji support Gboard gets sticker and Bitmoji support Reviewed by Kaiser on 8/31/2017 11:15:00 PM
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