HTC U12+ Durability Test Reveals Several Design Flaws

Zack Nelson, popularly known as JerryRigEverything, yesterday posted a durability test video of the HTC U12+ which was announced last month. As usual, we first have the scratch test. The U12+'s 6" Super LCD display is protected by Gorilla Glass 5, and that was confirmed in the scratch test. The screen started getting scratched at level six. This is in par with other smartphones.

The dual cameras on the front and back of the U12+ are tugged under Gorilla Glass 5, and so is the flash. The fingerprint scanner located below the camera setup at the back couldn't be scratched by JerryRigEverything's blade. The material covering the fingerprint sensor is unclear; however, its definitely higher than level three on Mohs' scale of hardness.

The U12+'s unique selling point is also one of its weakest point in design. HTC got rid of all physical buttons on its latest flagship and replaced them with pressure sensitive buttons. JerryRigEverything was easily able to peel off the buttons from the phone's surface using his razor blade. Once the button was removed, it lost its functionality.

In the burn test, the U12+ lasted ten seconds before the pixels exposed to the flame turned black. Since the U12+ comes with an LCD panel, the burnt pixels recovered to their original state.

The HTC U11 failed the bend test last year because it lacked a buffer layer between the glass and metal frame. HTC has fixed that with the U12+, but there are other problems now. When the U12+ was bent along its back, there was a large flex. On applying pressure from the opposite side, the phone flexed again, but this time the adhesive holding the translucent back came off. As a result, the back could simply be removed by pulling it off.

The easy removal of the back panel along with the presence of several microphones makes the IP68 rating of the U12+ doubtful. Nelson says that the adhesive in the U12+ is the weakest he has seen in a glass phone. The earpiece on the U12+ is its another weak point. It is made of cloth and Nelson says that it may fall off over time.

Source: JerryRigEverything

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HTC U12+ Durability Test Reveals Several Design Flaws HTC U12+ Durability Test Reveals Several Design Flaws Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 7/03/2018 12:28:00 AM
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