New Android P Betas Released For OnePlus 6 & Nokia 7 Plus

The OnePlus 6 and the Nokia 7 Plus were one of the seven devices which received Android P beta builds other than Google's Pixel smartphones. Google released the fourth Android P developer preview two weeks ago, and now keeping up with Google, OnePlus and HMD Global have also released new Android P betas for their respective smartphones.

Android P DP4 for the Nokia 7 Plus brings with it the July security patch and improvements to system stability. The support for Android P APIs - Slices and App Actions - has also been added. Slices allows developers to display snippets of their app's user interface in the Google feed and Assistant. To better understand Slices, consider a hotel booking app. Let's say you have booked a hotel using the app for your upcoming trip to Seattle. Now if you search for Seattle in the Google app, using Slices, the app will be able to show you the booking you have made, and also offer relevant options of check in/check out. (Note: refer to the image below)

Leftmost image: Slices in action, Center image: App Actions in Google Search, Rightmost image: App Actions in Smart Text Selection

With App Actions, the developers can allow their app to be recommended to users for completing a particular action. The recommendations can be displayed in Search, Assistant, the Android launcher, Play Store and Smart Text Selection.

Like the Nokia 7 Plus, the Android P beta for the OnePlus 6 also includes the July security patch, system stability improvements and fixes. OnePlus has also improved the image quality for the photos taken using the built-in camera application and compatibility with third-party camera apps has been improved too. The changelog for OnePlus 6's beta build is given below:


• Updated Android security patch to 2018.7
• Updated Google Mobile Services
• Improved system stability
• Fixed issue with hotspot functionality

• Improved image quality
• Fixed issue with watermark option functionality

Third-Party Apps
• Improved camera functionality with third-party apps
• Fixed compatibility issues with certain third-party apps

Since these are beta builds, you might run into issues. These beta builds are targeted at developers who wish to get their apps ready for the stable version of Android P. The Nokia 7 users can install the Android P beta from Nokia's website, while those using the OnePlus 6 can find the installation instructions and download links here.

Thanks: Shaurya, Jatin

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New Android P Betas Released For OnePlus 6 & Nokia 7 Plus New Android P Betas Released For OnePlus 6 & Nokia 7 Plus Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 7/18/2018 10:25:00 PM
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