HavocOS v2.0 updated with plethora of new features

Android Pie based HavocOS has been out for a while now, and yesterday, the developers behind the ROM pushed out a new update. The update adds not just a couple but over thirty new features. The changelog is present just below.

* Added November Security Patches
* Added Rootless Substratum support
* Added new Lockscreen weather implementation
* Added Rounded corners radius seekbar
* Added Rounded corners content padding seekbar
* Improved Compass tile
* Fixed Lockscreen clock font values
* Centered the toast message
* Fixed Data SIM switch bug
* Fixed Sim related bugs
* Improved Now Playing
* Added Now Playing history
* Added Now Playing music note animation
* Added Keyguard charging animation
* Added Per-app cellular data and wifi restrictions
* Added Lockscreen date font styles
* Added Statusbar notification ticker
* Added Notification ticker animations
* Added Switch for status bar wifi data indicators
* Added Gesture anywhere
* Added Pulse for navbar
* Added Pulse blacklist
* Added Notification counters
* Improved QS panel layout
* Added Ripple effect to power menu
* Added Mute media with gesture option
* Increased time for recent tasks in memory
* Added Full gesture navbar option
* Added Double tap to sleep on full gesture navbar
* Added more compatibility for screen off volume keys
* Added description of Gaming mode tile on long press
* Added FP swipe to dismiss notifications
* Added back the mobile switch in status bar icons
* Improved layout of QS tiles without titles
* Added Night mode options (Dark theme based on time)
* Added option to use Night mode with battery saver
* Added option to set different ringtones for dual SIMs
* Added SELinux status in about phone
* Added some more optimizations
* Added new icons for system apps
* Removed Omnijaws
* Fixed USB options for some devices
* Fixed Multi-user switching
* Fixed Statusbar layout and padding
* Fixed Media scanning issues with SDcards
* Fixed QS panel expanding with Airplane tile
* Fixed Lockscreen charging current values
* Fixed On-the-go tile inactive state
* Fixed QS tile customizer layout
* And some more fixes

In case you are using an official build, you will be receiving an OTA update to the latest build. At the time of writing this article, the updated builds were available for the Redmi Note 5 and the OnePlus 3/3T. The builds for these phones and other supported devices, which will soon be uploaded, can be found here.

For the device-specific changelog, you can refer to the XDA forum thread of the ROM for your device. Alternatively, you can also check out the Telegram channel of HavocOS. If you like HavocOS, you can donate to the developers using PayPal.

Quick Links
HavocOS Facebook page
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HavocOS v2.0 updated with plethora of new features HavocOS v2.0 updated with plethora of new features Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 11/11/2018 12:23:00 PM
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