A Comprehensive Review on ClosersCopy: A Simple But Efficient Software

ClosersCopy is one of the leading Copywriting tools among its contenders. Dominating all of its contenders, this software is striving to be the best with the assistance of its unique concept and efficient output.

What is ClosersCopy and why is it Important?

To understand the functions of ClosersCopy, essentially we need to learn what copywriting is. Copywriting is a medium of advertisement or promotion. It convinces a consumer enough to initiate certain actions like clicking on a link, buying something online, book a hotel online or even ordering food, which redirects them to a particular landing page of a particular company.

However, copywriting might be an annoyance at times. Besides bearing an investment of a high budget, you might also have to stay engaged with the copywriter. But CloserCopy takes it to an escalated level. It is designed by Nico Engler solely and it is striving to be the best among its contenders.

CloserCopy provides a replacement of freelancers and introduces a function of copywriting assisted by Artificial Intelligence. Powered by cutting-edge GPT-3 technology, this software can compose enhanced copies according to your choice in just a short period of time, also reducing the amount of investment compared to freelancers. It is also backed by a '30 Days Money Back Guaranteed' clause, so if you're being hesitant about the reliability of this software, you can avail the money-back challenge.

For whom ClosersCopy is best suited?

As mentioned earlier, it is one of the initial bases in Advertisement regarding any type of company. Generally, copywriting is utilized by a wide range of companies as a way to connect with their customers, making them aware of the respective products and services they provide. 

ClosersCopy is also known for composing content quickly. It is designed to be beneficial for industries seeking quality content within a short period of time. As an example-

  • Food Manufacturers, 
  • Financial firms,
  • Educational institutions
  • Doctors
  • Local stores etc.

Other than most copywriting software, the AI that ClosersCopy provides is more convenient and precise. It evaluates the copy using various methods such as spam analysis, tone analysis, inbuilt thesaurus, proper replacement of words, and much more. Performing these within a matter of seconds makes ClosersCopy ahead of the field.

Key Features:

ClosersCopy is one of the best-rated tools of its kind currently. But what are the elements that keep it a step ahead of its contenders? 

ClosersCopy never fails to satisfy the rising demands of idealist consumers. And in order to generate these results, this software utilizes some features which makes it unique and more efficient than others. Here, we will mention some points such as:

1. SalesAI:

SalesAI is the most important feature that ClosersCopy is associated with. It refers to a particular type of artificial intelligence that helps the software generate copies keeping the exact requirements of the consumers. It is actually quite surprising to witness that how a digitaal mechanism can provide human-like results which concern Actual Sales Conversations and Marketing Campaigns.

2. Longform:

Longform is also an important aspect behind the success of ClosersCopy. It generates copies without any limits, restrictions or filters. An input of a sentence is all needed and then press the Write button to generate quality copies. This function is highly customizable starting from its quality and style to the length of the total article. It allows a limit of a huge sum of 3000 words. 

3. Multiple Languages:

A total of 24 different languages is accessible in ClosersCopy. Including the four major global languages- English, Spanish, French and Italian, this software provides a bunch of additional languages such as Bulgarian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Latvian, Finnish, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Slovenian and more. 

4. Frameworks:

Availability of 50+ plug and play marketing frameworks is also one of the key features behind the swift performance of ClosersCopy. After filling out a particular input, sit back and relax while watching ClosersCopy do the rest for you, moreover it is crazy fast.

ClosersCopy Review: Why Should You Buy It?

It is really an impressive tool to finalize your tasks. People who know how to utilize this software will be able to procure the most favourable outcomes. 

One of the most attractive aspects available in this software is its simple and elegant User Interface. It's extremely handy and fun to work with. The simplicity of the UI helps to generate the most efficient result out of ClosersCopy. However, if you don't like this software to compose your copies, you can definitely avail the '30 Days Money Back Guarantee'. As mentioned earlier, this software is accompanied by an AI which will compose copies according to your customers' taste in a more natural way. Also, there is an upper hand in the matter of payment. CloserCopy provides yearly plans discounted 30 percent from the monthly plans. The availability of a yearly plan is also an important aspect that further companies lack. Also, the SalesAI, which powers the whole software is on point. This is not actually an 'Intelligent' tool, however, it learns over time and helps you generate the best outcome possible. You can compose any kind of copy you want with the help of ClosersCopy. May it be long-form copies regarding a products' comprehensive description, or an appealing Facebook advertisement that convinces a consumer enough that he/she invests in it. 

But there are also few demerits present in this tool. It is not full of bugs, but a few of them somehow appears, which we hope to see fixed in future. Firstly the long-form stacked by its own AI tech called Megatron, is not up to the mark, in comparison to its contenders. Also, no official guide is there for the software, beginners might face serious trouble while working with the software. You might also need to spend some time to grasp the concept of AI. But except for these flaws, ClosersCopy is a very good choice featuring some really efficient functions in it. It might work best for the companies having writing jobs as a primary task. And it's also easy to use and reliable. Following these conditions, ClosersCopy would be my prime recommendation other than any standalone software of its type. I would suggest trying this software for once. If it doesn't meet your requirements you can surely get your money back within one month.

How To Use ClosersCopy?

ClosersCopy is far more simple and easy to use than other softwares that provide these services too. It is not at all complicated and very efficient that provides the best human-like results.

The Dashboard is very user friendly consisting of only useful tools. You can start from the 'Projects' option which will show you all of the listed documents that you have composed. You can Archive, Edit or Duplicate any document individually. To compose a fresh one, click on 'New Document' and add a title. From there you can write or edit your copy.

There are also options on the left such as Compose, Frameworks, Library, Insights, Downloads, Settings, 101 that allows you to customize your copy to your utmost needs. 

Primary Long-form articles can be generated from the 'Compose' section. Insert the first title that you want to write and elaborate about in the text bar at the top. It will take some time but will provide you with various headlines that you can choose between. Each primary headline (H1) has its alternatives headline (H2) that compliments them. Select an initial headline at first from the list and browse the H2s to generate the best result. 

After selecting the ideal headline for you, press the compose button. It will take some time depending on the copy but not more than 2 to 3 minutes. It will astonish you will detailed and informative results regarding the topic you provided. However, it is written by a robot and as a result in someplace the writing is not satisfactory, but you can always edit and restructure the article for yourself. 

Now coming to Frameworks. It includes a huge dynamic set of options like Blog Title, Product Description, Business Taglines, Youtube Scripts, Youtube Reviews and many more, from which you can shortlist and generate your ideal copy. It will reach more to your expectations allowing you to create the ideal copy for your company.

Also, the 101 feature is efficient as well. It shares information and knowledge about how you can write content about different fields increasing the overall quality of your copy.

ClosersCopy Cost:

Being one of the best of its type, the pricing of ClosersCopy is quite affordable. It provides 3 monthly plans as well as 3 yearly plans availing a net 30% discount in comparison to the monthly plans. 

Monthly Plans:

1. Starter Kit ($29.99/month)

The starter kit provides a pack containing SalesAI 50,000 chars/month, Compose, Longform, Frameworks, Insights, Wizard, Fluent, Markdown, Swipe, Templates, Words, Thesaurus and Shortcuts.

2. Professional Kit ($49.99/month)

A level above, the Professional kit offers 2,00,000 SalesAI chars/month including every single function of the starter kit.

3. Unlimited ($79.99/month)

It is the best and most popular monthly plan available with the exact same facilities featured in the Professional kit alongside Unlimited SalesAi chars and 3 seats for team members if required. Being the most popular monthly plan, it is a fine value for money.

Annual Plans:

1. Starter Kit($251.92/year)

The yearly starter kit billing of $20.99 a month, offers the exact features from its respective monthly plan. However, it considers a 30 percent discount per month.

2. Professional Kit ($419.92/month)

The yearly professional kit billing of $34.99 a month, offers the exact features from its respective monthly plan. However, it also considers a 30 percent discount per month.

3. Unlimited ($671.92/month)

The yearly professional kit billing of $55.99 a month, offers the exact features from its respective monthly plan. Identical with the starter and the professional kits, it also considers a 30 percent discount per month.


There is a wide range of online copywriting software available. ClosersCopy is packed with cutting-edge features but it might not be considered as the best suited for everyone. Somehow, if ClosersCopy is unable to meet your expectations you can make sure to try its alternatives mentioned below:

  • Hemingway Editor - https://hemingwayapp.com
  • Jarvis AI - https://www.jarvis.ai
  • Grammarly Business - https://www.grammarly.com/business?sid=dZLae3SwN0uyZuc2lsRe
  • Linguix - https://linguix.com
  • Autocrit - https://www.autocrit.com

These are some of the renowned competitors of ClosersCopy, you can check each of the software and its functions from the provided links to determine the best possible choice for you.

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A Comprehensive Review on ClosersCopy: A Simple But Efficient Software A Comprehensive Review on ClosersCopy: A Simple But Efficient Software Reviewed by Srijato Deb. on 8/26/2021 03:10:00 AM
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