GoCopy to launch a lifetime deal on AppSumo in October.


You've certainly come across the phrase LTD, or "Lifetime Deal," in articles, forums, comments, or conversations on the internet, particularly in relation to software items. But what exactly does it mean, and how might it benefit you?

GoCopy is offering a lifetime deal that provides one-time access to a product for the rest of your life for only a one-time fee. GoCopy had already offered a lifetime deal on its own website, and it will do it again this October on AppSumo. 

What is meant by a Lifetime Deal?

A lifetime deal is a ridiculous sort of bargain in which you sell your goods for an extremely cheap, non-recurring price for a limited period. But your services are not curtailed in anyway. You are provided with the same pricing tiers if you have several pricing tiers, but just for a single transaction. When you buy and redeem a lifetime offer, you have access to that tool for the duration of the product's lifespan. So long as the product is still functional you can infinitely use it.

According to the official statement from the GoCopy on their upcoming Lifetime Deal - 

As part of the Appsumo Select deal there will be two price tiers. The first one will be $59 and will contain unlimited short-form + 15 runs per month of long-form. The second tier will be $118 and will be contain unlimited short-form and 65 runs per month of long-form.

GoCopy also addressed its error with recent LTDs and apologized to its customers for this blunder. The company also assured fair treatment of the costumers who had brought their recent LTDs by a cashback on the upcoming LTDs or by refunding -

As you may have noticed, the big deal is priced at $118, not $125. The current LTD deal that we launched, it was without confirming with the AS Select team what the prices will be. We should not have done that. We thought we would be able to set the price, but it is in fact that the Appsumo Select team does that. This means that we mislead the most recent LTD batch and we are really sorry!

Therefore, to all those that have bought LTDs in this most recent batch. We sincerely apologize for misleading you and want to send you $7 via PayPal so that you are not paying more than the upcoming AppSumo deal. Obviously, if you would like to get a refund, we totally understand!

LTD's are great deals if you are regularly working with different software and services. If one properly analyzes the terms and conditions of the deal then they are of great benefit for the buyer. GoCopy's October LTD on AppSumo is certainly a deal you must look out for.

Tanmay Kokate
Tanmay is a passionate content creator and creative writer who is fond of software, applications, and SaaS products. He holds a Physics degree and is enthusiastic about H=history and astronomy He calls himself a 'knowledge seeker'.
GoCopy to launch a lifetime deal on AppSumo in October. GoCopy to launch a lifetime deal on AppSumo in October. Reviewed by Nationalastic Changer ! on 8/23/2021 11:08:00 PM
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