Vine Launches 'Vine Kids' - A Kids Friendly App For iOS

Twitter has launched an exclusive version of its Vine app for kids dubbed Vine Kids. The App has been made for kids aged 5 and under. 

The Vine Kids app for iOS uses adorable animated characters and kids can watch hand-selected videos that are appropriate for a young audience. Kids have to just swipe left or right to see the next Vine, and tap the screen to hear quirky sounds. 
What is Vine? Vine is a short video sharing service that was founded June 2012. In October it was acquired by twitter for $30 million and was later launched in January 2013. Since then it has been criticised for its pornographic contents. Now, Twitter updated its service terms to reserve the right to remove any objectionable contents.

Vine's Head Of Communication and Marketing, Carolyn Penner said "We've seen for ourselves - and heard from parents, siblings and others - that kids love Vine. So, we built Vine Kids, a simple new app that gives young children a fun way to watch Vines."

"The idea came about during an office conversation in early January. One of my colleagues was talking about how much his two-year-old daughter loves Vine - he said he wished there was a separate app she could use to more easily watch posts that are appropriate for kids. That week happened to be Hack Week, a time when we get to work on projects outside of our day-to-day work. So two folks teamed up and built exactly that. Here's a Vine of my co-worker's daughter using the app. How can you resist that smile?!", The blog post further read.

The Vine Kids App is now available for download on iOS devices. The app requaires iOS 7.0 or higher and is compatible with Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Hit the download link below to download the app.

Download : Vine Kids

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Vine Launches 'Vine Kids' - A Kids Friendly App For iOS Vine Launches 'Vine Kids' - A Kids Friendly App For iOS Reviewed by Kaiser on 2/02/2015 10:42:00 PM
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