Lycos Life Band and Ring wearables launched in India

Lycos has introduced the Lycos Ring and Life Band wearables in the Indian market. The company had launched the two wearables in the US earlier this month. The Lycos Ring and Life band are priced at Rs. 3,500 and Rs. 7,500 respectively and are available on company website.

The Lycos Ring is a smart fashion accessory that has NFC and can be used to unlock the phone. The ring can also be used to log in to apps and websites. It does not require battery to work and comes in six colors. The company describes it as a personal security manager.

The Lycos Band offers fitness tracking capabilities. It has water-resistant plastic band with a small screen It comes with a number of sensors to track calories burned, number of steps taken, heart rate and distance traveled. The band can also measure heart rate in real time showing live EKG/ECG to adjust workout according to heart rate zones. 

You can monitor incoming calls, innotifications and messages over Bluetooth via Lycos Life app on the phone. Battery life is rated at about two weeks. It comes with Tap2Transfer (T2T) capabilities that lets you to send number, business card and other information with a simple tap from their Lycos Life device.

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Lycos Life Band and Ring wearables launched in India Lycos Life Band and Ring wearables launched in India Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/25/2015 03:37:00 PM
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