Shift 5+ modular smartphone can run either Windows 10 or Android

The idea of modular smartphone is that you build a phone yourself using individual modules (components or parts like battery, camera), that slot together like Lego, housing a specific feature or function. Google's Project Ara, Fair Phone 2, Puzzle Phone are some of the modular smartphones that have been making their mark on the gadget circuit.

Now, German company Shift is working on a new modular device called Shift 5+, which is touted as being their 'flagship model. The main highlight of the device is that it comes with an option of dual OS, out of which users can select either Android 5.1 and Lollipop.

To be clear, the Shift5+ is not a dual boot device, but you get the option to choose between Windows 10 or Android when you're ordering the handset, and you won't be able to change between OS after you get the phone.

Being a modular phone, it comes with modular components, but it is not clear how customizable the Shift5+ is going to be. Shift says users can easily swap its battery, display and other important components. Users can also choose from a variety of option although it is not clear how and for how much extra components will be sold.

Specification of the Shift 5+ base unit include a 5-inch IPS display, a Qualcomm processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB on-board storage, 13-megapixel rear & 5-megapixel front facing camera and battery capacity of up to 3000 mAh. The device can run either Android 5.1 Lollipop or Windows 10. 

Shift5+ is available to pre-order starting December for €399 (around $342) on the official site. Shift says that the device will not start shipping until the Q3 2016. 

Source: Shift Phones | Via :Windows Central

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Shift 5+ modular smartphone can run either Windows 10 or Android Shift 5+ modular smartphone can run either Windows 10 or Android Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/15/2015 04:36:00 PM
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