LeTV is now LeEco, gets new logo as part of global expansion

Chinese Internet company LeTV has announced that it is re-branding the company name to LeEco (lengthened to Le Ecosystem) during the "Global Brand Upgrade" press conference held in Beijing, China. The move comes as the company focuses towards entering different global markets.

As a part of rebranding the company also introduced a new brand logo for the Le Ecosystem which consists of letters 'L' and 'E'. Each of the four strokes in the logo "represent one of the four tiers of the Le Ecosystem – Platform, Content, Device and Application. The dot formed by the overlapping of two strokes symbolizes the pivot of the entire ecosystem: EUI and Le Fans. The connection and interaction between the letters “L” and “E” expresses the LeEco spirit of constant disruption, breaking boundaries and eco synergy. The three colors of blue, red and green plus the all-inclusive color of grey represent the integration of technology, culture and the Internet within the Le Ecosystem." said the company. 

The reason for re-branding is because the company wants to be more than just a video website  and instead offer a full-featured 'eco world' to buyers.

According to LeEco, the current upgrade of the Le Ecosystem brand is because the company is looking beyond the Chinese market to compete with global Fortune 500 giants including Amazon, Apple and Netflix. The company also announced the name change of Letv.com to Le.com, its new global top-level domain.

Founded in 2004, LeEco has become a major name in many technology-centric markets. The company offers live-steaming, e-commerce, cloud, smartphone, smart TV and many other products and services.

LeEco will enter into the Indian market on January 20, 2016 with the Le Max smartphone. It is also expected to launch the Le 1s and other lifestyle products at the event. According to Mo Cuitian, LeTV's VP and Asia Pacific executive president, the company is working hard to prepare for the launch of its products in India.


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LeTV is now LeEco, gets new logo as part of global expansion LeTV is now LeEco, gets new logo as part of global expansion Reviewed by Kaiser on 1/13/2016 06:22:00 PM
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