Netflix to add data saver feature to its mobile app in May

Netflix has announced that it will add mobile data saver feature to its mobile app sometime in May. The streaming service has been testing the feature for quite some time.

With data saver feature, user will have more control over their data usage when streaming contents on mobile networks. This will also give users the option to either stream more videos of low quality under a small data plan or high-definition videos if they have higher data plan.

Netflix said that restrictive caps are not good for customers and the Internet in general as it creates difficulty for those who use their mobile devices for entertainment, work and more. The online streaming giant also confirmed that it has been limiting video streams at 600kbps for year with an aim to make sure that users don't exceed their data limit.

"Our research and testing indicates that many members worry about exceeding their mobile data cap, and don’t need the same resolution on their mobile phone as on a large screen TV to enjoy shows and movies. However, we recognize some members may be less sensitive to data caps or subscribe to mobile data plans from carriers that don’t levy penalties for exceeding caps." Netflix stated in a blog post.

When the data saver feature will be made available, it can be accessed from setting menu within the Netflix app.


Kaiser Bey
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Netflix to add data saver feature to its mobile app in May Netflix to add data saver feature to its mobile app in May Reviewed by Kaiser on 3/25/2016 10:23:00 PM
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