An OEMish Update for the OnePlus One

There is a developer on the XDA OnePlus One forum mannuandroid19 who has built a custom ROM for the OnePlus One that brings it up to Marshmallow android version 6.0.1. The way "manuandroid19" did this was pretty cool. By taking the latest offering for the OnePlus One, which I will refer to as the OnePlus from here on out, and mixing it in with the latest Milestone from CM13, he has created a very stable and fast custom ROM that is as smooth as the factory offering. You can go to the forum and read the OP where he explains just how he did this feat. This ROM does not even come rooted, as he states in his OP, this ROM is untouched and meant to look, fell and function like stock. If you want to root, you will have to flash the "Boeffla" kernel (visit the Boeffla kernel XDA thread by clicking here) and SuperSU beta version 2.71 (click here to go to the SuperSU XDA thread) in your custom recovery. I highly recommend the latest offering from TWRP, which is now ROM will also work if you are running "MultiROM" and it even flashed in a secondary slot for me without issue. The main reason that I love Cyanogen OS is for the built in theme engine. It is CM13's theme engine on steroids, with multiple options for theming each and every aspect of the system. You can mix and match many different themes with this theme engine and it also comes with the app themer as well. This is an icon, which when enabled, will put an icon on your screen. One you navigate to the app that you want to theme by simply opening the app, you will notice that this app themer icon will be visible in the app. Touch the icon while in the open app and a drop down list will open, reveling all of your installed themes, and as long as the app is themable, you can just pick one of the themes on the drop down list and the app will instantly be themed. Pretty cool? As for how this ROM runs, it is as smooth as the lollipop version of stock Cyanogen OS that was on my OnePlus to begin with. I have had no random re-boots, stalls, overheating or battery drain yet and I have been running this ROM now for almost 5 days. I am not a believer of posting SOT (Screen On Times) or even AnTuTu scores, as each device will differ in it's battery consumption and overall performance depending on the way each person uses their device and the type and amount of apps installed. If you are interested in giving this ROM a shot, you will first have to have an unlocked bootloader and have a custom recovery installed. If you meet these two requirements and want to give this ROM a go, then head on over to "manuandroid19" XDA thread by clicking here and download the ROM using the link given in the thread and try it out. The gapps (Google apps) and capps (Cyanogen apps) are included within the ROM. So, you don't need to download and install the gapps separately. Remember, this ROM is not rooted and if you chose to root it you will need to follow the instructions I posted earlier by installing "boeffla" custom kernel and SuperSU 2.71.

Here is a link to the XDA thread where you can find all of your download links and information on the ROM build: Please make sure to read the OP and I recommend reading the first 2 pages of posts and the last 2 pages of posts before thinking about going ahead with flashing. This will give you an idea if there is something that you don't like or want. If you have any queriesm you post a reply to the thread and the developer may answer some questions you may have about the ROM. Also, please make sure that you thank the developer and if you decide that you like the ROM and are benefiting from it, then consider making a small donation, such as buying him a cup of coffee or something. And last but most importantly, search before doing anything to your device. Google is your friend as is YouTube. If this link dies not show up, just go to the YouTube video review link posted at the top and I have all the needed links posted in the videos description. Again, here is a link to a video review that I did on this rom and the link after that will be my Google Plus community where you can find video reviews and important links for this device and many others from phones to tablets:

YouTube Video: 

Google+ Community:

David Hayes
A lover of custom ROMs, a husband, and a proud father, David Hayes is the eldest member of the AndroGuider family. He owns a plethora of devices including several from Google, Samsung, OnePlus and Motorola. In addition to being a blogger, David is also a custom ROM developer having compiled ROMs for the Nexus 6, the Nexus 6P, and the Google Pixel 2.
An OEMish Update for the OnePlus One An OEMish Update for the OnePlus One Reviewed by David Hayes on 4/29/2016 10:52:00 AM
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