Cortana Lands In India Aboard CyanogenOS 13.1 Update

Yesterday we reported to you the rollout of Marshmallow based CyanogenOS 13.1 to the Wileyfox Storm users. Just hours after that Cyanogen announced the commencement of yet another update rollout for it's much favoured OnePlus One. After installing this update, Indian users of the OnePlus One would be able to use Microsoft's virtual assistant Cortana. Prior to this update, Cortana was limited only to the American OnePlus One users.

If you are a OnePlus One user in India, then you would be getting an over the air (OTA) update notification shortly. Make sure you are on a WiFi connection to download this update.

We had highlighted the various features of Cortana and MODs in CyanogenOS 13.1 in yesterday's post. This update further extends those capabilities through Cortana mod for Camera and Lock Screen. The video below guides you through the same.

Didn't get the update? Read this.

We have listed below some of the problems, along with their solutions, which you might have come across in getting this update. 

First of all, head over to the settings menu and then to "About Phone". Make sure the CyanogenOS version and build number you can see in there matches the screenshot below.

If you are not on the CyanogenOS version stated above, then your OnePlus One is running an older build of the CyanogenOS. To get this update, you should be on the latest build of CyanogenOS. To get to the same, head over to the updates section and install the remaining updates in there.

Users have also reported that they were unable to get the update despite being on the latest version of CyanogenOS as stated above. In this case, open Cortana and go to settings.

In the "Language & Region" section, make sure you select "India beta". Reboot your device, connect to a stable WiFi connection and you should now have the update notification.

In case you run into any other problem, drop in a comment below and we will ensure we get back to you.

Did you install the update? Let us know how Cortana performs in the comments section below.

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Cortana Lands In India Aboard CyanogenOS 13.1 Update Cortana Lands In India Aboard CyanogenOS 13.1 Update Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 9/02/2016 02:22:00 AM
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