Huawei built Nexus tablet, Pixel 3 laptop will reportedly run Andromeda

Earlier this year, a rumor surfaced that Google is merging its Chrome OS to Android for a new single operating system. Just recently, two separate reports confirmed the rumor was true and added that the merged OS is code-named Andromeda, and is being tested on Nexus 9 tablet. 

Now the same sources have revealed further details of Google's new operating system. According to new reports, Google is planning to launch Andromeda OS on a convertible laptop called Pixel 3 and Huawei Nexus tablet.

Regarding the Pixel 3 convertible laptop, Android Police citing "independent and reliable" sources claim the convertible is code-named Project Bison internally and will be released in Q3 2017 as the first laptop to run Andromeda OS. Pixel 3 will reportedly have 12.3-inch display, fingerprint scanner, 2 x USB C ports, stylus support and a bunch of sensor.

The report further mentions that Pixel 3 will feature pressure-sensitive trackpad similar to Macbooks and have a battery life of up to 10 hours. There will be two models, one with Core M3 processor, 8GB RAM and 32GB storage, and another with Core i5 processor, 16GB RAM and 128GB storage. They will feature a sleek profile (less than 10mm thickness) and prices will start at $799, making it more expensive than Chromebooks.

Furthermore, 9to5Google reports that, Google is working on a 7-inch Huawei made Nexus tablet that will also run Andromeda OS. The tablet will reportedly ship with Android, but will support developer preview of Google Andromeda.

Nothing much is known about the tablet, but it's worth mentioning that Evan Blass had tipped about a Huawei built Nexus tablet with 7-inch display and 4GB RAM and was rumored to be called Huawei 7P.

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Huawei built Nexus tablet, Pixel 3 laptop will reportedly run Andromeda Huawei built Nexus tablet, Pixel 3 laptop will reportedly run Andromeda Reviewed by Kaiser on 9/28/2016 06:28:00 PM
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