Apple announces new TV app for Apple TV, iPad and iPhone

Apple on Wednesday announced a new app for Apple TV simply called TV app.The apps offers a unified experience for discovering and accessing TV shows and movies from multiple apps on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad.

With TV app, you can access TV shows and movies, and discover new content from different streaming apps, all at one place. It will also stay in sync between Apple devices, which means users can begin watching movie/ TV show on one device, and easily continue where they left off from other devices. 

TV app key features
  • Watch Now: It is the main hub where users can see collection of available TV shows and movies from various apps like iTunes, HBO and Showtime.
  • Up Next: Users can enjoy the shows and movies they are currently watching in an order they are most likely to watch first
  • Recommended: Views can explore selection of curated and trending shows/ movies from dedicated categories and genres
  • Library: Viewers can access their entire collection of iTunes movies/ TV show, they have rented or purchased on iTunes.
  • Store: To discover new content across video services that users have not download or not yet subscribed.
Apple has also integrated Siri into the TV app, so that users can give voice commands to Siri to bring up a specific show. You could, for example, ask Siri to start playing a video just by its name, or by the name of a channel or service, or even by name of a sports team.

The app also has a new sign-in functionality that will make it easy for users to access content through cable providers, while stanalone subscription app like HBO Now will be available on iTunes for purchase.

The TV app will be available for tvOS, iPhone and iPad before the end of the year.

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Apple announces new TV app for Apple TV, iPad and iPhone Apple announces new TV app for Apple TV, iPad and iPhone Reviewed by Kaiser on 10/28/2016 03:45:00 PM
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