Substratum Version 670 Brings Support For Android O

Substratum's lead developer Nicholas Chum had shared a few screenshots last week which showed the theme engine working on Android O. It was thus evident that the public release of Substratum with support for Android O was just around the corner. Substratum's Release 670 brings support for Android O along a bunch of bug fixes and tweaks.

Android O is currently available in the form of Preview Builds for a limited batch of devices, which includes the Nexus 5X, 6P, Pixel C, Nexus Player, Google Pixel and Pixel XL. If you wish to run Substratum's latest release on Android O, then you have to own one of the above mentioned devices and your device should be rooted. Although I think this should be pretty clear, but just to avoid confusion I will elaborate on the fact that Substratum cannot run on a rootless version of Android O. The Substratum team had announced last month that their theme engine can work without root on custom ROMs which merge Substratum's rootless commits into their code. Since Android O's source code is not available, Substratum will only work with root on Android O.

Owing to the fact that only a small group of users will be running Substratum on Android O, your favourite theme developers may or may not update their themes to support O. Moreover, because Android O is in beta and is available only for a limited batch of devices, it becomes tougher for themers to test out their themes on Android O. Therefore, it will take some time for your favourite theme to support Substratum on Android O. As of now, Belo is one of the themes that support Android O. It is also worth mentioning here that you might experience performance lags or might encounter bugs while using Substratum on Android O.

Apart from support for Android O, this release of Substratum also implements Binder in the Interface module. This feature is still under testing. The Substratum team have also introduced a new feature called 'Dynamic Refresh Mode'. When a new theme is being installed, Substratum will automatically refresh the list of installed themes. This will detect newly installed themes automatically and you no longer have to manually swipe down to refresh the theme list after installing a theme.

For a further detailed changelog, please refer to the source linked below.

Source: Nicholas Chum

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Substratum Version 670 Brings Support For Android O Substratum Version 670 Brings Support For Android O Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 4/18/2017 04:09:00 PM
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