ANDROIDIFY EPISODE TWO: Make Downloaded Apps Your System Apps

Rooting an android device is an action that allows an android user to unlock the hidden features of a device. One of these features is getting rid of bloatware and annoying apps. Sometimes we cannot just uninstall them using our favourite root managers. This only becomes possible when we have the power to navigate through the device/system storage.
On the previous EPISODE, we looked at how to change system ringtones with our own preferred ones.
To make downloaded apps your system apps, you'll need the Root Explorer apk, and your downloaded app(s).
Save the app as a .apk file inside your storage. Now open root explorer and navigate to the file(s). Long-press on the file and then on the three-dot menu, select permissions. (It's better to change permissions at this level to avoid later confusion). Change the permission from rw-rw-r-- to rw-r--r-- then cut and paste the file to root/system/app. Afterwards, reboot your device for changes to take place.
Look at the guiding screenshots below.

Select the file and scroll down to PERMISSIONS

Change PERMISSIONS to rw-r--r--

Your resulting product should look like this.

Cut and paste the file to root/system/apps
After rebooting your device, confirm the action by trying to uninstall the app. If the uninstall button shows, your action was unsuccessful. Reason being that your device required two or more reboot actions or you did not change permissions correctly.

Kailash Sudhakar
An engineering undergrad student who loves all things tech. He has a soft spot for Android.
ANDROIDIFY EPISODE TWO: Make Downloaded Apps Your System Apps ANDROIDIFY EPISODE TWO: Make Downloaded Apps Your System Apps Reviewed by Unknown on 5/08/2017 07:01:00 PM
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