Acer announces Holo360 and Vision360 LTE connected cameras

Acer at IFA 2017, Berlin has announced two LTE-connected 360 degree cameras: Holo360 for daily use and Vision360 for automobiles.

The Holo 360 camera is an all-in-one camera that allows users to capture, view, edit and share with just one device. The dual 16MP Sony IMX298 camera sensors can capture high-quality photos at 6.9K resolution, and videos at 4K. 

Running Android Nougat, it features a 3-inch touchscreen display, and is equipped with Snapdragon 625 processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage and LTE connectivity to provide an all-in-one solution to live stream 360-degree videos. You can also share the captured 360-degree photos and video directly to social networks. The camera also gets Panomorphic optics certified by ImmerVision, that can capture high-res images across the field of view without distortion. 

The Vision360 is a cloud-connected in-car camera with two ultra-high quality cameras. The cameras work together to produce 360-degree footage in 4K quality. It can be mounted on the windshield, aligned with the driver's eyes, and also display's the vehicle's current speed. It  provides users with on-demand remote viewing and location-tracking from the device.

The camera automatically records when something collides with your vehicle that will also include GPS co-ordinates of the place where the incident occurred. It will also start recording when collision is detected when the vehicle is parked, and notify the users through a smartphone alert. The recordings are saved on the camera's 16GB internal storage, and is also uploaded to the cloud to access later.

The Holo360 connected camera will be available in North America in November at $429 bundled with a water-resistant case; and in EMEA in Q4 with prices starting at €349. Acer did not reveal the pricing and availability of Vision360 yet.

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Acer announces Holo360 and Vision360 LTE connected cameras Acer announces Holo360 and Vision360 LTE connected cameras Reviewed by Kaiser on 8/30/2017 10:15:00 PM
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