Google Home app gets improved interface and search

Google has pushed an update to its Home app that brings a refreshed interface, to make the app more intuitive, as well as couple of new features.

In the redesigned Home app, the navigation button are now at the bottom, closer to your fingers. The updated app also gets better recommendations function, making it easier to find movies, TV shows and music from all your streaming services. Search results have also been improved, so you can now search for content by actor, artist, genre, or category, not just by name.

Those on Android will now be able to cast movie trailers to the connected TV, while still browsing content on the phone. Lastly, the updated app gets advanced sound settings so that you can adjust bass and treble of Google Assistant supported speaker such as Google Home.

The new features are already being rolled out to Google Home app through the Google Play Store.

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Google Home app gets improved interface and search Google Home app gets improved interface and search Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/15/2017 02:41:00 PM
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