Mozilla doubles the speed of its browser with Firefox Quantum

Mozilla has released a new update to their Firefox web browser, which it says is the biggest update ever since it launched Firefox 1.0 in 2004. Dubbed Firefox Quantum, Mozilla claims it to be over twice as faster than it was in the previous version, and uses less memory than other browsers, even with multiple tabs opened in the background.

Firefox Quantum comes with a new user interface called Photon, which is said to be extremely fast and smooth to deliver faster user experience. To create the interface, Mozilla's research team studied how people browsed the web. It also studied real-life hardware to make sure Photon design system look best on any display be it smartphone or tablet or PC, while making sure it looks and works like Firefox regardless of the device you're using.

Under the hood, Quantum browser ships with a new CSS engine called Stylo, which is able to take advantage of today's hardware with multiple CPU cores that are optimized for low power consumption. The browser also prioritizes the tab you're currently on, over all others in the background, to make better use of the system resources.

Additionally, the browser feature Pocket recommendations alongside your most visited pages. It will have Google has the default search engine in the U.S, Canada, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Besides Google, there are also more than 60 other search providers pre-installed across more than 90 languages. For instance, Yandex in Russia, Turkey, Belarus and Kazakhstan; Baidu in China.

The new Firefox browser is now available for Windows, Mac or Linux, as well as Android and iOS devices.

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Mozilla doubles the speed of its browser with Firefox Quantum Mozilla doubles the speed of its browser with Firefox Quantum Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/15/2017 05:03:00 PM
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