Dirty Unicorns Revamp Pulse To Support Album Art Colors

Dirty Unicorns rolled out the first wave of their RC builds last week. For the Oreo based release of their ROM, the folks behind DU have been working hard on stabilising their ROM and improving upon the existing set of features. One of the features which custom ROM users have grown to like is Pulse. Pulse was introduced by Dirty Unicorns as a part of the DUI (Dirty Unicorns Interface) package, which also comprises of Smartbar and Fling. Pulse refers to the set of music visualizers which are displayed in the navigation bar whenever audio is being played.

In previous releases of Dirty Unicorns, users had to select a color for Pulse. With Oreo, Google introduced colored notifications, which colors the background of any media playing notification based on the colors from the album art. Dirty Unicorns have now implemented the color extracted from the album art to Pulse. As shown in the above screenshots, the background color of media notifications and Pulse will now match. It remains to be seen whether Pulse will retain the option of letting the user choose the color of the media visualizers.

The new Pulse will be shipping soon in the RC builds for supported devices. Since DUI is open source, you can also expect to see the updated Pulse in other custom ROMs which include DUI. This will only happen when Dirty Unicorns push the commits for the updates to Pulse.

Image credits - Android Central

The hands-down favorite feature of many in Oreo is that of colored notifications. It's mesmerizing to see the notification color change when you switch music tracks. This effect looks even more stunning on the lock screen wherein the album art (which is the lock screen wallpaper when media is playing) changes along with the notification color. My eyes pop out when I see how beautifully the notification color complements the album art in the background. Now that Dirty Unicorns is bringing the colors of media notification to Pulse, I can't wait to find out how beautiful it looks.

Source: Dirty Unicorns

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Dirty Unicorns Revamp Pulse To Support Album Art Colors Dirty Unicorns Revamp Pulse To Support Album Art Colors Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 1/25/2018 05:19:00 PM
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