LG's new fingerprint sensor sits under the phone's display

LG Innotek has announced an advanced fingerprint sensor module which does not require a button, but can be embedded into a cover glass of the smartphone. The sensor can be placed under the display, which means that you can unlock your smartphone just by placing your finger on the smartphone's cover glass.

LG says that it has used advanced precision and combination technology to cut out 0.01-inches (0.3mm) on the lower backside of the cover glass to embed the fingerprint sensor. The High-strength cover glass protects the sensor and prevents it from coming in direct contact with water and damage from scratches.

Once implemented, you can place your finger on designated display portion to unlock your device. LG claims that the new fingerprint sensor has 0.02 percent false acceptance rate, which means it has an accuracy rate of 99.8 percent. It adds that the adherence side of both the glass and fingerprint sensor is 0.00098-inch (0.25mm) thick, and can resist the impact of a 130 gram steel ball dropped from 7.9-inch. 

The new fingerprint sensor technology will allow smartphone makers to build slimmer phones as they will not require extra space to incorporate separate fingerprint sensor module. This will help manufacturers to reduce the number of openings and make the smartphone water resistant as well.

LG has not revealed when the new fingerprint technology-based smartphones will be available in the market.


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LG's new fingerprint sensor sits under the phone's display LG's new fingerprint sensor sits under the phone's display Reviewed by Kaiser on 5/02/2016 01:27:00 PM
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